Allens Pine & Honey Balsam, a traditional
herbal remedy for coughs & colds.

Allens Pine & Honey Balsam

This traditional herbal cough medicine, based upon ingredients that have long been used in the treatment of coughs and colds, was the original product that began the Allens range.

The balsam is just as good today as it was all those years ago. It also helps to relieve the congestion associated with Summer colds and hayfever.

Suitable for Vegetarians.

Active Ingredients
Ipecacuanha Liquid Extract, Liquorice Liquid Extract, Pumilio Pine Oil and Squill Oxymell.

Other Ingredients
Anise Oil, Capsicum Tincture, Chloroform, Ethanol, Diethyl Ether, Menthol, Arrowroot, Peppermint Oil, Syrup, Black Treacle and Purified Water.

Always read the label.

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